7 Things You Shouldn’t Do After Eating Full

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After eating, what should not be done after eating full. Mainly do not sleep and do not exercise immediately because it will cause acid reflux, colic, flatulence , or in some people may cause vomiting. In addition, there are many things that should not be done. After eating a full meal immediately, which Tonkit360 has picked up this information from.  The Office of the Health Promotion Foundation or Thai Health Promotion Foundation,  which will have what actions to follow. ทางเข้า ufabet

1. don’t smoke right away

Normally smoking is not good for health anyway because of the risk of causing diseases such as emphysema and cancer. However, from the experimental results of experts. It was found that Smoking after meals is comparable to smoking ten regular cigarettes. This makes it more likely to have cancer as well. Therefore, after eating, it is recommended not to smoke immediately.

2. Don’t drink soda or eat a lot of gassy fruit right away.

Drinking soft drinks after eating will have carbon dioxide gas that greatly disturbs the digestion of food. and eating more gassy fruit after meals It is another thing that should not be done because it will cause flatulence, flatulence and gas in the stomach. Should eat easily digestible fruits such as watermelon, oranges and avoid fruits that have a lot of gas such as durian.

3. Don’t drink very strong tea right away.

Drinking very strong tea will result in the stomach absorbing less food causing the digestive system to malfunction which will cause constipation It’s best to drink tea after eating for about 2-3 hours, and research has shown that people with iron deficiency. May avoid drinking tea immediately after iron supplementation.

4. do not eat too much until the belt has been loosened or the button has been unbuttoned

Eat in moderation and stop eating if you feel full. There should be a gap between eating food at each meal for about 3 hours, waiting for each sub-type of food to finish. and move from the stomach to another place first then eat the next meal Don’t eat too much because it will cause stomach discomfort, colic, flatulence and flatulence, and don’t eat too fast because it can cause obesity.

5. Don’t rely on taking a shower after eating.

Many people believe that it will result in the digestive system not working fully. which if wanting to take a shower Should take a shower when the food starts to digest about 1-2 hours. Taking a shower after eating in some people may cause colic. or often cause flatulence which is not good for the body at all and frequent flatulence also resulted in intestinal inflammation easily as well

6. Don’t exercise right away.

Exercise requires a lot of energy in the body. which while the stomach is still digesting food performance in all parts of the body If doing together like this is not good. Therefore, after eating should rest a little. and should not exercise right away

7. do not sleep immediately

Going to bed immediately after eating Will cause wind or gas in the gastrointestinal tract and cause flatulence It can also cause acid reflux. Therefore, if you want to sleep, you should leave a period of more than 3 hours or more after eating full. Or find activities that get your body moving, such as doing a little housework, to stimulate your digestive system. and helps to burn calories