Cape Gooseberry.

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Cape Gooseberry is a fruit in the berry family that has a sweet and sour taste. Along with a fragrance that adds freshness. The Cape Gooseberry is round and yellow in color and looks different from the berries that many people are familiar with. In addition to the outstanding shape and taste. This type of berry also has various health benefits.

Berries often come with high levels of vitamin C. The foreigner is the same way. Many people may know or have heard that vitamin C stimulates the function of immune system. The immune system is an important system of the body that acts to fight against foreign substances. Including germs, allergens, and toxins. Therefore, a strong immune system helps the body cope with these foreign substances better UFABET 

From ancient times until now, many studies have been conducted on the properties of vitamin C on the immune system. The results of a number of scientific studies indicate. That Intake of vitamin C enhances the immune system’s ability to fight against foreign substances. Both innate immunity (Innate Immunity) and specific immunity (Adaptive immunity) that the body creates after infection.

Getting enough vitamin C may help the body cope with foreign substances and germs that enter the body. Both new types of bacteria and old types of bacteria can be improved.