Eating food at night Is it dangerous?

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Eating food at night Is it dangerous?

It is well known that when we sleep late, it can definitely have a negative effect on our body. And more importantly, it also affects the body. Continuously, for example, sleeping late makes our morning. Feeling not well or sleeping late makes us hungry at night. And this is the important point of today. When we sleep late, it will affect us to be hungry at night. And it will cause us to need food to eat. Did you know that eating food at night has negative effects that may follow as well? I’ll tell you.

And today we will include the negative effects of eating at night or finding a late meal to eat. that it affects the body What can we get in our story? And how dangerous is it? Let’s see.

Eating food at night can make you fat.

            This matter is certain that We already know each other well. It will cause us to gain weight if we eat late because in our body there will be digestion and metabolism according to its time. The meals we eat are breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the fact that we eat at night can be considered outside of the time when the digestive system and metabolism work normally. Including when You eat and then you go to bed, so you don’t move your body and it results in excess calories remaining overnight. Makes you gain weight easily, and the later it is, the more it makes you hungry.

May cause symptoms of acid reflux.

            As for the symptoms of acid prolapse, it is considered a symptom that is quite dangerous to our body because the symptoms of acid reflux are caused by gastric juice in our stomach and including the digestive system secreting abnormally or ยูฟ่าเบท at the wrong time. and eating food late at night It made the digestive juices that had just finished digesting our dinner. It can flow back up into the esophagus, and it may cause a burning sensation. In the middle of the chest or may cause symptoms of abdominal distension or tightness in the chest area. It can also disturb sleep. It can make you unable to sleep well or not sleep at all. Or if you do it regularly, it can cause chronic acid reflux. And it is necessary to see a doctor for treatment because it must be said that it is very dangerous for our body.

Poor skin or damaged skin

            Did you know that when we eat food at night or eat late at night, it may damage our skin or cause us to age prematurely because when we eat late it will cause us to sleep late as well and thus prevent Ejaculation The hormone melatonin (Melatonin Hormones) which is in the body and it is also a hormone that can help in the matter of fighting free radicals that can go to work while we sleep. When we sleep late, Causes this type of hormone to be secreted, able to lie down, and includes resistance to free radicals. Less as well, sure enough, that’s how it will go. Makes the skin look dull. The face is not bright, has wrinkles, and looks old before its time.

How are you? With the knowledge about health.

That we have brought to you today for anyone who likes to sleep late. If you’re hungry at night, we want you to change your bedtime. Change the time to eat To keep our bodies in good health and do not cause disease or harm to the body Ours follows. And for anyone who is interested, read the article about More about health, you can follow or consult about. Which will have complete information about health.