Get to know Philophobia, the fear of love that keeps us single 

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Get to know Philophobia, the fear of love that keeps us single. Ready to check the list of causes of symptoms at

Getting to know Philophobia is a type of mental condition. was diagnos as the reason. Why we dare not love due to the unstable state of mind There are many reasons.

Have you ever noticed yourself. That Why is it so difficult for us to have ‘love’ once? For many reasons that cannot be explain. That person is not good. This person was dissatisfie. Or maybe it’s that we ourselves are worrie. Do not dare to develop relationships, hold on to being single and who are not excited about love. If you have these symptoms You may have a mental condition known as philophobia, or the fear of love.

What is Philophobia?

Philophobia is a type of mental state. That is not consider a medical disease. By the meaning of the word Philo means love and Phobia means fear, causing Philophobia to mean ‘fear of love’. 

People with the mental condition Philophobia suffer from anxiety. and insecure in the relationship Even though I haven’t opened my mind yet Sensitive about love but dare not take it seriously and very jealous of loneliness The personality is lonely, lonely, but has a love of freedom. which is a condition that causes contradictions in itself and emotional ups and downs all the time, unable to control himself in terms of relationships This may have risks that affect mental and physical health.

Checklist of Causes of Philophobia (Fear of Love)

  • Stories from the past

The main cause of various fear diseases. There are many in this world. Which is afraid of love must come from a matter of love Most of them are stories from the past. That are disappointing, such as being tricked, physically assaulted. Forced, threatened, insulted and severely rejected These bad stories can cause deep roots in the mind until this mental state occurs. which is the beginning of all causes

  • environment

Environment is another important factor. Regardless of the family situation Always deprived of love Or the cultural, religious environment also plays a part. from the rules and regulations. That makes itself used to it and is too stressful. which can have an impact as well

  • stress

stress of any kind if accumulated a lot It can make us feel tired, exhausted. And get used to our daily responsibilities. Until I can’t feel the love  

  • love freedom 

If anyone likes to live alone or being single for a long time This may be the reason why you don’t want to be in love. not longing for love Until becoming afraid to love or cherish loneliness at all Because of that we can take care of ourselves. don’t depend on anyone without having feelings of loneliness or sadness and love yourself very much It may also result in this Philophobia condition as well.


Pessimism is one of the key factors in every new beginning. including having love as well These come from a lack of confidence. indecision of oneself It makes us think a lot in every relationship until it’s one of the reasons that we haven’t been successful in love.

  • keep feeling

knowledge retention or the mouth does not match the heart is another thing that should be very careful that should not be a habit Because of keeping the feelings to yourself without venting them out This is the beginning of feelings of stress, anxiety, and inevitably make us overthinking. These are the main reasons why love cannot go on. causing our love to be unsuccessful

  • fear of rejection

The reason why people are afraid of love is people who don’t like being rejected. Because being rejected is like something that makes us less confident in ourselves. dare not start a relationship and lost a lot of feeling Which is another reason why we don’t want to use our hearts to play with love. Even though there are feelings of love and attachment but would not dare to open his mouth to speak and cause the relationship to develop slowly and continued disappointment 

How to not be afraid to love

  • change lifestyle behavior
  • Practice being a person who dares to speak and dare to talk to get to know more people.
  • hang out and doing activities to relieve stress in leisure time
  • Adjust your own concept and find the cause.
  • Dare to try something new get out of comfort zone
  • Exercise and eat nutritious food.
  • Consult a specialist psychiatrist