Preliminary symptoms of “sweat allergies” skin disease with prevention methods

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Sweat allergy is one of the symptoms of skin allergies. Which will show symptoms in the form of a rash, itching, red rash on the body Causes problems and obstacles in daily activities such as exercising, working outdoors, therefore should take care and prevent skin allergies in the right way.

  • Between the ages of 2 months – 2 years,  there is a red dermatitis rash on the cheeks and forehead. But some people may have only white spots. on the cheek called Milk eczema, a dry, itchy condition that encourages a child to scratch. The more you scratch, the more inflammation. Until some people may have repeated skin infections. สมัคร ufabet
  • Ages 4-10 years,  dermatitis moves to the folds of the arms and legs, crooked knees, crooked elbows, wrists, or ankles. The rash appears on both sides, left and right. But the severity of inflammation may not be the same. Some cases have small itchy bumps and scratch until it’s wet. Some people may have skin that is thick, blotchy and very itchy. After this period, most of them will gradually better and gone leaving only dry skin
  • Between the ages of 12 and over,  most of them have dry skin. itchy and sensitive Some people had their hands cracked until they bled. and will be easily defeated However, skin allergies have no cure and are not contagious, but can be transmitted to offspring.

However, the severity of the disease may be reduced by taking care and treating oneself properly as follows: 

  1. Avoid places with hot and sweltering heat. taking a hot shower or turn on the cold air conditioner
  2. avoid stress not enough rest
  3. Mattresses and bedding are cleaned regularly. To eliminate and prevent dust mites
  4. Take a bath to cleanse your body often. Or use a damp towel to rub whenever you feel hot.
  5. Use topical ointments, such as calamine, and consult a dermatologist if you develop a rash. itching or inflammation Don’t take medications or stop them yourself while you’re still recovering. It will cause the rash to come and go and become more chronic.