Sports injuries are symptoms

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Sports injuries are symptoms. That are likely to occur any time during exercise, including outdoor sports, indoor sports, and going to the gym. Injuries from sports can occur in any part of the body because every time while playing sports we have to move our body all the time, using force in many parts of the body. Therefore, if you are not careful or overdo it, injuries can occur easily and are more severe than general injuries.

Types of sports injuries

Most of those who are injured from playing sports usually directly affect the muscles and joints in various parts of the body. Therefore, when there is a slight injury but they continue to play, it will cause the symptoms to spread until they become a serious injury. can Therefore, if an injury occurs while playing any type of sport, take a rest or stop playing, especially the สมัคร ufabet affected part because if you continue to move or move the affected muscle, it will become more bruised and cause more symptoms. which is an area where injuries often occur That is, the ankle and knee joints.

Causes of sports injuries

The most common causes of sports injuries fall into the following two categories:
– Overuse. Some sports tend to use one part of the body too hard, causing the muscles to become inflamed, bruised, and torn, such as sports that require the use of the legs all the time, such as running. An athlete’s legs have to work harder than the rest
– due to impact. In many sports, especially combat sports, it is important to wear good protective equipment. Because there is often a high risk of injury
– not warming up properly Before and after playing sports every time It is very important to warm up first so that your muscles and tendons are active. Can prevent injuries

Symptoms of sports injuries

       Symptoms can occur on both our skin and inside our muscles. The symptoms can be divided into the following 3 types:
– Skin injuries This is the case in many types of sports, such as slipping and abrasion, friction until the skin blisters, bruising caused by impact, etc., or even sunburn is consider an injury from playing. Sports too
– injuries to muscles and tendons It is an injury that can occur easily and often, whether it is cramps that cause muscles to spasm, inflamed muscles, swelling and tightness. This often occurs with repeated use. Too heavy, muscles torn If it is severe, it must treated with surgery. There are also injuries to the tendons, tendons and tendons themselves.
– Injuries to the joints. Symptoms that occur with joints can occur in many ways, including Swollen joints that can be both internal and external swelling. If it is external swelling, it is not very dangerous. But if it is swelling inside the joint, it must treated with surgery. There is also joint stiffness. That often occurs from people who have not moved their joints for a long time and sprains. That are often found in sports, including the wrists, ankles, and fingers.