Why do you sleep for 8 hours and still not refreshed?

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I slept for 8 hours but I’m still sleepy?

It’s strange but true. raised to refute the belief about sleeping according to the 8-10 hour formula 

Waking up but not feeling refreshed Shows that the level of sleep is only in the shallow sleep phase. does not go into deep sleep This is why the popularity of using smartwatches is increasing. Because people try to record their sleep behavior. And find ways to increase the quality of sleep in deep sleep or deep sleep (not counting sleeping late or waking up too late).  ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com/

Why do we fall asleep in deep sleep?

One of the reasons why we sleep fully but still not refreshed. feeling sleepless and still sleepy It may be because our sleep is not of good quality, that is, it is in the deep sleep that is too short.

Normally, when people go to bed for about 15-20 minutes, they begin to fall asleep. Sleep patterns are divided by brain wave characteristics into 4 stages. 

Normal Sleep or Non-REM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep or Non-REM Sleep)

normal sleep It takes about 80 minutes in total.

  • Stage 1: Getting sleepy (5-10 minutes)

When sleep begins, brainwaves are stage 1. At this stage, the brain starts to slow down. If awakened at this stage We are less sleepy or may feel that we haven’t slept and gradually fall into a deeper sleep. Stage 1 is a short period of time.

  • Stage 2 Fall asleep (about 20 minutes)

It is the junction between the beginning of sleep. until deep sleep The heart starts beating slower. Body temperature will begin to decrease. Sleep at this stage affects the body and stimulates short-term memory. Including increasing concentration

  • Stage 3: deep sleep (about 50 minutes)

The body begins to not respond to external stimuli, light, color, and surrounding sounds may not be able to disturb sleep. If awakened during this period, it will be very sleepy. The body will be in the most resting state. and secretion of Growth Hormone

Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM Sleep)

  • Stage 4: Dreaming (about 10 minutes)

During this period of sleep, there will be rapid eye movements. During this time, our brains work similarly to when we are awake. This is the time to dream more than other sleep stages. Sleep during this time will help with memory. permanent learning and creating imagination

How to sleep and wake up refreshed like sleeping enough

Sleep and wake up refreshed. It comes from sleeping completely in the sleep cycle (Sleep cycle) about 3-6 cycles.

What is the sleep cycle?

Normally, 1 sleep cycle consists of

  • Non-REM stage 1, 2, 3
  • Move back to Non-REM stage 3, 2, 1. 
  • Entering REM stage 4
  • Come back to Non-REM stages 1, 2, 3 again, which is the beginning of a new cycle of sleep cycle.
  • Move back to Non-REM stage 3, 2, 1. 
  • Entering REM stage 4, this point is considered to complete one cycle of sleep.

From the beginning of REM to the beginning of REM, another cycle is called the Sleep Cycle, in which 1 sleep cycle takes about 90 minutes in 1 night, should sleep for 3-6 cycles of sleep cycles, so it is considered a good and efficient sleep.

So if you sleep less than 3 sleep cycles (about 4.5 hours), there’s a risk that you’re not getting enough sleep. ineffective sleep

Sleep 8 hours but wake up still not refreshed?

People who think they have slept for 8 hours but wake up still not refreshed There is a possibility that really If you do not sleep well for the entire 8 hours, there are many factors that can interfere with the 8 hours of sleep that prevent the complete sleep cycle from occurring. period of deep sleep or too short a dream or may not reach deep sleep or dream sleep at all Therefore, the number of hours of sleep may not determine whether we sleep as efficiently as we should.

Factors that interfere with sleep prevent the sleep cycle from being completed. There are many things together, such as

  • stress
  • insomnia
  • snoring
  • sleep apnea 
  • leg twitching
  • sleepwalking


able to find the real cause from taking a sleep test (Sleep Test) at the hospital

Sleep less, but sleep well. It’s real.

“Sleep less but sleep well” is a definition of sleep that does not depend on the hours of sleep alone. One strong evidence is that A group of people who have short but quality sleep. Part of this group is caused by genes and genetics, known as Short Sleeper Syndrome.

These people can only sleep 4-6 hours a day and can wake up refreshed like those who slept 6-8 hours a day, such as former US presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton or Tom Ford, the owner of a global fashion brand. that even with little sleep and still have energy to be active the next morning But only a small number And normal people shouldn’t try to follow. because it may be at risk of conditions or sleep deprivation

How to help complete sleep cycles, sleep easier

  1. Go to bed and wake up on time.
  2. exercise regularly You shouldn’t exercise before bedtime.
  3. manage the environment appropriately avoid loud noises or hot air
  4. Calm your mind before bed. Avoid things that trigger the mind.
  5. Do not use the bed for other activities such as reading, eating.
  6. If you cannot sleep for more than 30 minutes, get out of bed. do other activities until sleepy So go to sleep again
  7. Avoid alcohol and coffee before bedtime
  8. Drink milk, bananas, or other foods high in tryptophan to help you sleep better.