Aston Villa manager silent after asked about signing Coutinho.

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard remains silent. After being question by Barcelona midfielder Philippe Coutinho.

         Media reports from the good land reveal that. The “Singhad” has negotiate with “I throw in” on loan for the Brazilian national team midfielder to use during the January market. Which the reporter did not miss asking about this with Gerrard. But he did not ask for an answer at the moment, but praised Coutinho as a great player.

         When asked if the rumours were true, Aston Villa manager said: “I’ve never done that before and I’m not going to start doing it now. in terms of mentioning a person’s name.” 

         “I think you expected that response. UFABET But I don’t want anyone talking about my players when they sign here.”

         “I understand that there are speculations. It’s that time of the season with so many names and for the benefit of our fans. When something is concrete They will be the first to know.”

         As for Coutinho’s interest in many clubs, Gerrard replied: “Yes, he won 63 caps for Brazil, won trophies, he played for Barcelona and did great with Liverpool, so I understand why he to connect with many clubs.”

         “I understand why fans all over the country are talking about him. He wouldn’t have been called a ‘magician’ if you weren’t a special footballer, he was someone I had great respect for. But I don’t want to open any speculations because he’s a Barcelona player while we’re sitting here.”