Dimitar Berbatov advised Anthony Martial to have talks with Ralph Rangnik

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Former Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov has advised youngster Anthony Martial to have talks with Ralph Rangnik over his future at Manchester United.

         The France striker has been linked with a constant transfer after not being a key player in the squad. The player’s agent previously confirmed that the 26-year-old would like to leave the club in January for more playing time.

         Berbatov hailed Martial’s ability and suggested that he decides on the future to speak directly to Rangnik before deciding what to do next.

         “I’m not surprised Anthony Martial wants to leave Manchester United,” Berbatov told Betfair. “He’s fit and ready. But not playing, Martial is a good player and other clubs need him. I don’t blame him if he wants to move somewhere else.”

         “I would advise Martial to go into Ralf Rangnick’s office and tell him about the pain and say what he wants, Martial should be honest. Straight with Rangnick because in this way the players will know where they are in the team. And if you don’t like what you hear, you should request a transfer.”

         “For the players The most important thing is the love to play football at a high level. You can make money wherever you play. No one wants to sit still. Not playing and getting paid, at 26 you have to play football, Martial has the qualities to be a top player.”

         “I expect him to be more and more dedicated to United. But if it doesn’t work, he should go play somewhere else.”