Jesse Marsh says he’s not afraid of the pressure after another defeat

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Leeds United boss Jesse Marsh insists he is not afraid of the pressure of duty after another defeat. The 48-year-old has replaced the sacked Marcelo Bielsa. But the first two games in charge of the football team ended in total defeat, with the latest being Aston Villa smashing 3-0, with March insisting that he is ready to continue and is not afraid of the pressure that comes in.

         “I’m not afraid of this kind of moment or situation. In some ways I like to use my back against the wall,” said Marsh. “We had a very difficult situation.UFABET I probably won’t sleep much tonight. But I will think carefully and hope that we will be reunited. Better than ever on Sunday this is what i will do It helps the players understand what we need to do to thrive in this situation.”

         “I underestimated the stress of that moment from a player’s point of view. We had a very good week, 10 days together. And try to give the team clarity on how to play and the expressions we need.”

         “We lacked the confidence and aggression in the game. I heard from a lot of people and I thought it was great in the beginning. But I see that the players want to do really well for the fans. It brings more pressure and stress.”

         “We have to be calm and clear. I can see that here we need strength with that message. We must know that fear is a guarantee of failure. does not protect us from failure must open the game to attack and wade into the rival Biggest lesson tonight.” Jesse Marsh