Leeds United released complaints of racist or racial behavior.

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Leeds United released a statement saying police have arreste a suspect for questioning. After complaints of racist or racial behavior.

Leeds United defeated Arsenal 1-4 in a mess at home in the Premier League on Saturday. But in the 33rd minute, Arsenal defender Rob Holding informed the referee that 4 Heard of Leeds fans showing racist or racial behaviour.

“Leeds United will not tolerate racist or racial behaviour. The supporters found using such profane language will be ban from watching Leeds United games for life,” a Leeds statement said.

The Premier League also confirm that it will be investigating the matter. This gives the possibility that Leeds could be held accountable. If fans have committed the wrongdoing.

The police will investigate the fans who committed the incidents. Before adjudicating the sanctions, the latest in a series of incidents in English football.

Arteta said: “Yes, unfortunately I can confirm that. It was report to the stadium manager. Then The authorities will deal with that.

“The players that were sitting on the bench. One of those heard those comments.

“I don’t know exactly (which player) it was, that’s why they will have to be interview by the authorities.”

Referee Andre Marriner briefly halted play in the 34th minute to consult with match officials. After the abuse had been reported.