President Fiorentina slams Vlajovic and money-hungry agents.

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President Fiorentina Rocco Commisso has slammed new Juventus forward Dosan Vlajovic. And his personal agent is money-hungry and destroying the club.

Vlajovic has refused to extend his contract with Fiorentina. Forcing the club to sell out of the club in the winter months. Leaving Juventus for a total of 80 million euros. 

Commisso came out to talk about the former spearhead of the team that. “I try to help Dusan and his agents think carefully. The last time I saw him He didn’t even greet me.”

“It is clear that he has already agreed with some people. He rejected all other offers. I have traveled to England many times and he has refused every time.”

“Vlajovic wants to stay until his contract expires (in 2023) and destroy Fiorentina, his agent demanding 10 per cent of the transfer. including UFABET the privilege of negotiating the next team transfer”

“They want to take full advantage of our money. So selling him out now is a great decision.” said the Violet President Fiorentina.

Vlahovic has been one of the transfer sagas of January, but eventually completed the switch to Juve last week in a deal worth £58m, plus £8m in add-ons.

This was after serious interest from other clubs, with Arsenal most notably pursuing the 22-year-old, but it was the giants from Turin who eventually got the talented striker.

Commisso is not impressed though, with almost anyone involved, and has hit out at the Serbian, his representatives and first the Fiorentina fans for giving him stick.