Basic strategy of Blackjack.

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Basic game strategy of blackjack was repeatedly counted mathematically. It`s the only one right decision in the game BlackJack on any online casino. It`s indisputable. Do not try to play without sticking to basic strategy.

Only strict following to the decisions of basic strategy of blackjack will reduce online casino advantage to minimum ทางเข้า UFABET

The founder of basic strategy (it is the same as strategy “Monte Carlo”) is considered Boldown. In the 50-eties, With his colleagues has counted the most optimal variants of turns and published his works in one of the magazines.

But the real upheaval in basic game strategy of blackjack, without doubt, thorough analysis of situations when the player would most probably win and when would lose.

Besides, Torp came to the conclusion that the probability of one or another combination changes with each card. Which came out of the pack. (More detailed information about it is in the item “Cards counter”)

Card counting.

It is obvious that each card, which came out, changes the pack composition. That is it influences on combinations, which appear with more or less probability.

In order to know the pack composition it`s not necessary to count all cards. Which came out in blackjack. It`s impossible to do. The basic systems of cards counting divide the pack into cards which are profitable to player and those ones which are advantageous to onlinle casino. There are a lot of differences in systems. But the scheme is the same.