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President Fiorentina slams Vlajovic and money-hungry agents.

President Fiorentina Rocco Commisso has slammed new Juventus forward Dosan Vlajovic. And his personal agent is money-hungry and destroying the club. Vlajovic has refused to extend his contract with Fiorentina. Forcing the club to sell out of the club in the winter months. Leaving Juventus

Aston Villa manager silent after asked about signing Coutinho.

Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard remains silent. After being question by Barcelona midfielder Philippe Coutinho.          Media reports from the good land reveal that. The “Singhad” has negotiate with “I throw in” on loan for the Brazilian national team midfielder to use during

Leeds United released complaints of racist or racial behavior.

Leeds United released a statement saying police have arreste a suspect for questioning. After complaints of racist or racial behavior. Leeds United defeated Arsenal 1-4 in a mess at home in the Premier League on Saturday. But in the 33rd minute, Arsenal defender Rob Holding informed